The Australian Government has created temporary Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items to provide a rebate for TeleHealth services during the COVID19 outbreak.


TeleHealth refers to the use of a telephone or video consultation with your doctor to allow you to seek medical care without leaving home.

What is the cost of TeleHealth consultations?

Although a MBS rebate applies there will be an out-of-pocket cost for most TeleHealth consultations.  However this amount will be less than the standard fee for attending in person.  Please call and speak to a receptionist for further details.


Is a referral required?

Yes, in order to access the MBS rebate you will need a valid referral from your GP.  If your current treatment course is covered under an existing referral this will be considered valid for the purposes of TeleHealth.  

Telephone or Video – which is better for me?

A telephone consultation is the most convenient option for most people as there is no need to use a smart device or rely on internet technology.  


A video consultation provides a more personal interaction that is preferred by some doctors however it requires some preparation and setup.

Can I email photographs of my skin?
Yes, photographs can be emailed to prior to either a telephone or video consultation.  Clinical photographs can often help your doctor more accurately assess your skin condition.


To book a telephone or video consultation with a Dermatologist call us on

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